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Silver Sword - Aloha Island Genetics

Silver Sword - Aloha Island Genetics

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Triangle Pupil x Koffee (F) 10 Seeds/unit

Unveil the mystique of SilverSword, a standout strain with towering presence and commanding buds. The beauty of its large, kush-dominant buds is highlighted by a metallic sheen, reminiscent of a polished silver blade. SilverSword's aroma is a complex fusion of earthy kush, zesty citrus, and an intriguing coffee funk, all enveloped in a sticky, resinous embrace.

As the name suggests, SilverSword is as rare and striking as the mythical steel it's named after, with a high that slices sharply through pain and tension. If a super intense, gassy Kush experience with a dazzling trichome display is what you seek, look no further. SilverSword delivers an extraordinary effect, both potent and luxurious, complemented by a spectrum of beautiful color hues. Don't miss the chance to cultivate this awesome variety – secure your seeds and witness the majesty of SilverSword.

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