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Triangle Kush Bx1 - MMS

Triangle Kush Bx1 - MMS

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Triangle Kush x 88g13hp (R) 13 Seeds/unit

Flavor: OG Kush, straight up, super intense

Effect: Very powerful, dissociative, euphoric, nostalgia, heady, body relaxation, amplifier. Long lasting.

Flower Time: 7-10 weeks

Yield: Medium

Height: Tall, lanky, OG structure. Stretch 3-4x. Some plants will stretch about 1 foot taller than others, you can tell these in veg with their vigorous growth compared with their siblings!

THC: 30%. Note: 5 phenotypes were tested for cannabinoid levels, three of the five tested over 30%. One stand out had 3% cbd and 30% thc. The lowest one tested 25% and one tested 28%.


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